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“A blessed little corner of south-west France made up of gently rolling hills, fields of corn and sunflowers, winding roads empty of cars and pretty little towns and villages, where people always have time to talk to you.

It's like an unspoilt Tuscany or Provence, and I'd better shut up now or I'll be responsible for spoiling it.”

Sam Taylor, describing
the Lot-et-Garonne
in 'The Observer'


Lagruère Rental - Gîte - Self Catering Rental - Traditional accommodation
Lot et Garonne Rental

If your criteria is an outstanding gite in a picturesque area, then, "Bienvenue à 'Les Peupliers!"  Here you will find yourself in a hidden part of France; a lovely landscape of narrow lanes winding past vineyards, orchards and sunflower fields to beautiful old Bastide villages.

You will be living in a
tastefully-renovated, 350 year old pantiled farmhouse in this lovely, quiet and virtually undiscovered area of Aquitaine where, some 100 kms south-east of Bordeaux, two of France's principle rivers meet, so giving our "Département" its name - Le Lot-et-Garonne. Here, you'll find something for all ages: along with the wonderful sights and peace and quiet, you can go cycling, canoeing, canal/river cruising, horse-riding and visit fun-parks with the children.


Galapian night market - copyright Peter EvansThis is an area populated by welcoming country people to whom 'quality of life' still has real meaning. 'Family values'  is what southwest France is all about. There's nothing the people of the Lot-et-Garonne love more than making time for friends and family - and of course enjoying some of the best food and wine in the world; this is the home of the two-hour lunch!

On the subject of food and wine, almost every night of the week throughout July and August you'll find the locals partying at one of the marchés-nocturnes that are unique to this area. These are a truly amazing experience. Take your own plates, mugs and cutlery, find yourself seats at one of the hundreds of tables supplied, then wander round the dozens of stalls selling purely local produce.

Imagine it: you move from stall to stall, choosing your wine, fresh fruit and salads, your pain or baguette, your steak, cut of duck, or chicken - all of which is excellent quality and great value and all locally grown and reared - or if you want to be really French, go for the oysters, snails or moules-frites (mussels) in fabulous sauces! Then join in with the music and dancing or simply sit-back and strike up a comical 'Franglais' conversation with your neighbours - they'll welcome it and love you for it! Now you're experiencing real French country hospitality!

Latour-Marliac, Temple-sur-Lot - copyright Peter EvansThis is also an area of history and discovery. For example, did you know that Claude Monet found his famous water-lilies here in the Lot-et-Garonne? The nursery where he bought them and had them shipped to Giverny still exists and is just a 'stone's throw' away; it's a beautiful place, perfect for a peaceful lunch and tranquil afternoon visit.

When you come to stay at 'Les Peupliers', you'll discover a myriad places like this - places, vistas and vantage points that you might never find without the helpful and detailed guide notes we provide to all our guests. We did it for Rick Stein; we can do it for you!

TonneinsSo, like Rick, why not take some time to explore here? Sample the superb food and wine. Meet the charming and incredibly friendly local people. Experience cheap replica watches the wonderful luminosity of this gorgeous countryside.

Relax and enjoy yourself in our pleasant garden. Swim all season round in the heated pool, sunbathe or doze on our loungers, or sit with a glass of excellent local wine in the shade of the traditional and original 'galerie" (covered terrace).

In the evening, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Canal Latéral (below) and sample our 'local' - La Halte Nautique - the bistro featured in Rick Stein's BBC cookery series 'A French Odyssey'. We even offer you the chance to spend an evening in the home of local chef Vétou Pompele, enjoying the meal she cooked for Rick when she was running la Halte Nautique - the meal Rick described in the Sunday Times as, "the best I ate alongside the canal during the whole trip".

So there you go, if you want a self-catering holiday with a difference, then Les Peupliers offers you a wonderful opportunity.

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